Wednesday, November 30

Carlos and Abbey in Tokyo, Part 3

As promised, the third installation of Carlos and Abbey in Tokyo. Actually, the second I believe goes by the title "Return to Japan." There aren't many pictures because Carlos had to work during the day so we didn't get out until nighttime.

We decided to head to Odaiba, via the train (Roppongi to Ginza to Tokyo Station to Odaiba). We got off at Palette Town. Palette Town isn't really a town. Nor are there giant palettes, or even many palettes. Actually, I don't remember seeing a palette (read "a" as in Wayne: "A gun rack? A gun rack. Sh'yeah, great. I don't even own a gun, let alone many guns necessitating an entire rack. What am I gonna do with a gun rack?.")
What Palette Town does have are:
  1. Venus Fort, a pricey shopping mall designed to make it look like you are actually outdoors in Italy. Or somewhere

  2. A ginormous ferris wheel, costing about 900 yen per person, if memory serves me, and taking about 15 minutes to complete its cycle. From the top you can see much of Tokyo. I imagine. We saw lots of dark and lights.
  3. MegaWeb, an excellent (as in, Bill & Ted kind of excellent) interactive Toyota showroom, where you can see the latest models and have fun at the same time. One of the cooler attractions: "test driving" one of the hybrids. You sit in a cute little car with an original paint job as it drives you around a track. The crazy thing: It somehow drives itself. It's not attached to anything, and the steering wheel turns on its own on the corners. We did the whole route. Good times were had by all.

4. Some other stuff that we didn't see or do.

Rating: Odaiba is cool, and I especially enjoyed the MegaWeb, but I would only recommend going there if you are going to be in Tokyo for a good while and are tired of historical, cultural things.


Blogger Justin Cash said...

abbey. sorry i never got back to you over email. im the one who is always a bit..."grrrr", when ppl are behind on keeping in touch.. so.

thats very cool your bf (carlos?), and you are trying to set up shop over there. i have at times, drempt of ending up in tokyo doing art/illustration. maybe after school. who knows.

and i just finished reading your new entry. it's funny the japanese love to make theme parks and theme towns (or malls in this occ.)out of stuff like the old west or paris. such a weird combo... ancient temples, cherry blossoms...and then you have places called"rainbow bridge" or "pallette town". it's like a real life mario brothers game. ahhh. i cna dream can't it! haha.

later, and hope your well. justin.

1:54 PM


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