Monday, November 28

Day 6: Land of Golden Turds

Since I didn't make it to Asakusa after Ueno, Friday was the day. I combined it with a trip to the bookstore district (can't... remember.. what it's called...)

First things first in Asakusa: The Golden Turd.

Located atop the
Asahi Beer Hall it is supposed to be a burning flame (as opposed to a not burning flame), but apparently it has been interpreted as a giant Golden Turd and is internationally known as such.

Onward, I arrived at my destination, the entrance to Sensoji, which is actually the Asakusa Nakamise shopping arcade. Many temples and shrines tend to have vendors' tents lining the main walk up to the entrance. Sensoji has a built-in souvenir and snacks mall.

At Nakamise shoppers can find kimonos for themselves...

... and their dogs.

Some Japanese folks love to dress their dogs. Near Carlos' apartment (in Roppongi, mind you) there is a pet store offering tiny little puppies. Next door is a fancy clothing store. On second glance, you realize it's clothing... for dogs.

As there are many temple shots out there, I won't bore you with more. If you haven't been to Japan (and sometimes even if you have) one temple / shrine looks like the next. So instead, I shall allow you to behold all that is interesting and creative.

Bottom of one of the giant lanterns at the entrance to the temple grounds.

Flowers and deity.

Supposedly it is believed that one can be cursed for taking pictures of sacred things such as these. Of course I was told this after getting home and showing all the pictures of sacred things I'd already taken.

Lantern at a shop entrance.

Bicycle and pigeon.

Darn it, spotted again!

I spotted these two imbibing fellows upon leaving Nakamise, but as soon as I took out the camera, the closer gentleman caught me, and although I kept pretending to take pictures of other things, he kept watching me, so I couldn't get a candid shot. Ah well.


Several years ago, when Totoro was the new Miyazaki character, my cousin who was residing in Japan at the time brought me a stuffed Totoro for Christmas. Not until getting to Japan and seeing his continued popularity (and having seen Miyazaki movies), did I get it.


Blogger Justin Cash said...

Abbey, you just made me laugh out loud. But in a good way. What an honor to be mentioned on your page like that. I have never come to the site of someone I didn't know personally and see a recommendation for my art. Thank you so very much.

I'd say the art I do is a mix between graphic design, a comic/cartoon influence and whatever else I get inspired by. I also love that you tie it in with Contemporary Japanese Art.

And with that, I have always had warm place in my heart for Japan. When I was in New York I was literally stuck (honest my shoes wouldn't budge) in the Zakka store, in Chinatown (on grand stret).

You have some great photos here, but I havn't yet been through them all. I'll definately be back to say hello, and I'll put you in my links section as well.

Much Love, and thanks again,

Justin Cash

10:10 AM


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