Friday, March 31

Hello From Nagoya

You'll notice I changed the weather sticker down on the bottom of the scroll bar. I had to put Nagoya because WeatherUnderground doesn't even know where Ena is, and Gifu's didn't have a sticker option.

I'm in Nagoya - the closest big city - until Tuesday, for orientation. I took the train in (look for a couple pictures on Flickr) this afternoon. Fortunately I made friends with the ladies next door, and they brought me to the station so I didn't have to pay $100 for parking!

After MUCH footing it about (mostly to find an ATM that would give me mah moneh) I obtained my re-entry permit so I can come home and visit this summer, and then legally re-enter the country and still be able to work.

Last night was COLD, but this morning was sunny so I got some laundry done. The sun and the wind are my dryers now. So much for snuggly socks and cozy shirts. Ah well. The price you pay.

Looks like I start teaching on Thursday, so I should have some stories for you then!

Look for the "My Lovely Toire" entry on the That's Japanese! page of my website... and that's about it!

I'm loving Japan and feeling like the immigrant that I am (hit me at the Immigration Office this afternoon!) Kids, those of you who were born where you live, you have no idea!


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