Sunday, June 18

At the Beach

Well, not really, but that's what it feels like when you're on CS3's sandy playing field on a hot, sunny, humid, breezy day, looking out over the blue mountains. Beautiful!

This is actually a second attempt at a posting, the original is somewhere between the tip of Florida, Bermuda and Cuba.

Friday I was at CS3, and as it was such a lovely, hot day, I decided to do outdoor souji and bring the camera. Outdoor souji for me means picking weeds with the kids in a little corner of the field. Nice. I even found a little baby tree which I brought home and am praying will recover from an afternoon in my hot car. Please head over to Flickr to peruse the photos from said souji.

After souji I took advantage of my free afternoon for some pictures of the kids, and luck was with me as the sannenseis were taking their group photo for the yearbook. They were all "dressed up" in their formal uniforms and genkied up from not having class and being able to go outside and socialize while the photo got organized. I joined them, of course, and snapped a few before the batteries in my camera conked out. I ran back inside to get the backup set but it was a no-go with them too. Needless to say, I charged 'em up good this weekend. Please feel free to peruse the photos o'er at Flickr, if'n you're a friend or family. If you're not, and you think you could be, let me know and I'll hook you up. If you're a stranger and/or a weirdo, don't bother. Pervos need not apply either.

After school I ran home for a quick shower before being picked up by SH for a night of Asahi revelry and fine izakaya cuisine with him and ST. Good Times were had by all, some Japanese was practiced and a new shortcut to home - the station was learned. However, by the time I got home, the katakana and the fact that Serbia-Montenegro is one team threw me off, especially since I was so tired, so I missed the Argentina game.

This morning I awoke to my alarm at 3:45, roused myself from a lovely sleep, got up, woke myself up, and plunked back down to watch Italy - USA. No such luck. They weren't showing it. Instead they had some intelligence-insulting contrived "trivia" show where it seemed all the "contestants" had scripted answers. You didn't even have to speak the language to get that. So back to sleep I went.

This afternoon J and I went to Tajimi to the Hyaku-en shop (100 yen shop), which, by the way, is fabulous. I got some fun stuff for folks at home, some stuff for elementary school, and a couple things for the A-crib. AKA Chez Howell.

Today was supposed to be rainy and cloudy, but instead it managed to be sunny and hot most of the day. De-licious! Posted by Picasa


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