Tuesday, June 13


After school today I got invited to stay for a barbecue with the faculty. Can we talk about how much I love this school? They're so good to me. They could have told me to go home after 6th period, but no, they told me to wait and stay for the barbecue. Even though I couldn't follow the conversations, or understand the jokes, I felt so good just sitting there - that they had wanted to include me, that I was sitting in the courtyard of a little school in Japan, surrounded by cedar-covered mountains, enjoying delicious barbecue tastes and smells, hearing birds, the river below, and the jovial chatter of my teachers.

By the way, those are the "long" shorts I bought the other day. I hope they're decent enough for club activities. They come just to my knees when I stand up, and they're a Japanese men's size LL. They don't come any bigger, folks.

For further LMS pictures from today, please head to Flickr. As they're people pictures, I've posted them as private. Sorry, public people. Posted by Picasa


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