Friday, June 2


This is an early edition of the TWOBB, as I'd rather do it now while I'm still skeeved instead of tonight when I'm trying to go to bed.

Please meet Mukade #9. This picture in no way does him justice. He was much longer in life, as he stiffened and contracted a little in the pot. Also, imagine him on your kitchen floor. Gack!

Let me just say that more expletives, most of which began with the letter "f" or its partners in crime, came flying out of my mouth than ever in my lifetime.

Ok, finally, after calming my queasiness, it was into the shower with me. I first scoped out the entire inside of the shower for additional mukade, planning out what I would do should one be in there. As I was towelling off, having opened the door I looked down in the corner, and lo and behold, a little mukade was chilling on the floor. Ff-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-m-f-m-f-m-ffff-f-f-f-f-f-f-g-d-f-f-f--m-f-f-f-m-f-f! (sorry for the reference to inappropriate language, but I think the situation warranted it). So, according to my previously devised plan, I hopped in the tub, grabbed the shower hose, cranked up the hot water and gave that little guy what for. This one was little, maybe the smallest yet, and was actually partially responsible for his own undoing: he had made the unfortunate decision to climb in the shower door track, where he was promptly de-rear-ended when I opened the door. The piece in the shower was sans derriere.

On that note, I am currently totally skeeved, paranoid, looking around everywhere I go, before I enter rooms, scanning floors and walls and ceilings and door frames for the little buggers. Again, no pun intended. It's better than using one of the above terms. Since the Big One this morning, my pot has been pulled from cooking duty and sent into active duty. It is now the Mukadenabe (mukade pot), a term we came up with during last night's Japanese session.

On that note, I'm off to iron and get my butt out of this mukade nest. Posted by Picasa


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