Saturday, June 24

Garden Varieties

I'll start today's posting off with a report of my First Japanese "Earthquake" which I just experienced about 10 minutes ago. Actually, it was more like a tremor - there was an initial jolt to the house like something fell against it or within it, then some shaking, not enough to make things move around, but enough to feel and to cause creaking. Nice! I've been waiting for one of those! Not something that would cause damage, of course, just a little excitement.

In other news I spent this glorious day reading outside, doing laundry, and photographing the various insect and arachnid phenomena around my house, mostly under the carport. Here are some of the shots:

The spider I posted the other day. I'm pretty sure she was dead for this one, poor thing, her little life burnt up like a match, so fleeting. But later on she was gone, perhaps blown down by the wind...

The encasement for a creature I'm not sure I want to see when it comes out. I hope it's some form of crazy butterfly, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be something more along the lines of a beetle.

Another angle on the same thing.

I have no idea what kind of eggs these are. My first thought was bees, as they look like the bee eggs the elementary kids showed me, but shouldn't those be in a hive somewhere?

The newest spider to move in under the carport. Funky-looking little guy.

More to follow tomorrow - I can't upload anymore pictures for some reason... Good Ol' Blogger.


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