Friday, June 23

My New Boyfriend

Tamada Keiji.

Sorry ladies, he's spoken for. By me. But you can enjoy him here or elsewhere. Debuted into my world in the Croatia game the other day, and scored the only goal against Brazil this morning.

Yes, folks, I got my sorry butt up at 3:45 today to watch the inevitable loss to Brazil, but it was Japan's last WC game this year, and the first time I've seen Brazil since it started. I'm quite sure I'll get to see more of them. Brazil, that is. And Tamada plays for Nagoya Grampus, so hopefully I can catch him live one day!

I have to say, this was the friendliest game I've seen this WC - before the game, while they were still inside, it was the first time I've seen players from opposing teams smiling and greeting each other, chatting, hugging, etc. And Nakata must know Portuguese because he was carrying on with Ronaldo. Of course Alex was also glad to see his compatriotas. There were only two yellow cards, hardly any rolling around, they were helping each other up and were generally being good sportsmen on the field.

Joey Tribbiani, I mean Kawaguchi did a decent job, especially with that penalty shot... until the end, that is. And even Inoshishi... I mean Inamoto gained points in my book.

And that's my two cents. For further information, please reference someone who actually knows what they're talking about. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous cipriano said...

Hello! I am a Grampus fan in Kasugai, Aichi. You will be able to watch Tamada on 19 July (Wed) at Mizuho Stadium (Nagoya). Grampus will fight against Sanfrecce Hiroshima at 19:00.

8:07 PM

Blogger Melissa said...

Waaa...Hotness! Hehehee...Joey Tribbiani (^-^)v Let's go to a soccer game one of these days! Go Grampas! Hehehe... (What the $@#!@ is a Grampus, anyways?)

11:11 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

According to "The Free Dictionary" online:

1. A cetacean (Grampus griseus) related to and resembling the dolphins but lacking a beaklike snout.
2. Any of various similar cetaceans, such as the killer whale.

12:08 PM


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