Monday, June 19

My New Neighbor

This area is known by the local gaijin for its plethora of large insects and arachnids. This pretty lady moved into my half-carport today, and I stopped to watch her weave her web for a bit before the skeeters drove me inside. (Rubbing the smell from my citronella plants didn't keep them at bay... too bad.) For scale reference, legs included she's about as long as my thumb. A big girl, but my prying camera (at close range on macro) didn't seem to bother her. Just the kind of spider I like.

So, last night Japan tied Croatia, and in my opinion both teams deserved to come away scoreless. Sheesh! The few shots that had on goal were mostly high or wide, the goalies had a couple good saves, Kawaguchi almost had an autogol as a ball passed back to him tipped off his foot and just missed going in. All in all it was a disappointing game, but at least they didn't lose. Of course, the only team left to play for Japan now is Brazil. Good luck with that.

Today was a good day at GS, very hot indeed. I did some policing in the ninensei elective class, then found out that one of the students that's driving me the most crazy lives in a children's home since his parents gave him up. So, he's now become my mission, he and a few others at that school and at CS3. Of course, my babies at CS3 will have to be abandoned, as I only have two more weeks there. However, I think the important ones got the message over there. That's the best I can do: let them know I care. Put one more weapon in their artillery of resilience. I guess violent references aren't exactly what I mean, but you get the idea: I just want kids who may think that no one cares about them to know that I care. And even if it doesn't change their behavior, at least maybe that knowledge will make their lives a little brighter, just knowing that someone out there thinks they're worth something.

On that note, enjoy my spider, and the 1000-yen flowers that I won at the community center this weekend! Posted by Picasa


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