Sunday, June 25

How to Eat Sushi

I can't remember if I ever posted this before. Today it's in response to mboogiedown's hilarious new post. Take it with a grain of rice.


Blogger Melissa said...

Hehe...yeah, this one's been making the rounds for awhile now! Sushi Crew REPRESENT! Let us always observe these hallowed traditions m(--)m I wonder about the secret history of our UNY conveyor belt sushi chef...

7:48 PM

Blogger Justin Cash said...

I remember watching this, I believe, on one of our "video watching" sessions. Hahahahahaha. Great stuff.

Speaking of our time watching japanese "no-butts", I'm working on tryiing to get Jpopsuki on my mac. Oddly enough, it's not very easy to get the video of that program to play on an apple. :(

I hope you're doing well. Much love good friend.


2:51 AM


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