Saturday, August 19

Tokyo AM

Outside the Imperial Gardens.

Just a "quick" (yeah right) blog for the Back-to-Japan update.Got in yesterday afternoon after two uneventful flights, first from Buffalo to JFK, then JFK to Narita. No long lines or delays in either airport, neither checking in nor through security. Nice. The flight to Japan took the full 14 hours, including the time we spent taxiing at JFK and then changing runways because the wind changed direction.

The aisle seat was a winner, as usual, and my "travel companion" or "seatmate" was a pleasant young man returning from a trip to NYC. Also on the plane were a relatively large group of Jamaican mons who are sure to be celebrities here, no matter what their purpose of travel. These kids can't get enough of Jamaica.

Last night the Tokyo heat hit me like a brick, but it wasn't too bad hauling my bags from Narita to the hotel. And by that I mean on the Terminal 1 train platform to the train, through Tokyo Station to an exit and the 7 short blocks to the hotel. They both weigh 50 pounds, mind you. So I dragged myself into the hotel all sweaty and out of breath, but a nice shower and toothbrushing later and I was ready to find myself some kaitenzushi around here, with the help of the little map/directions from the guy at the desk. After wandering around the area for a bit, I finally found the little place he was talking about, dropped 680 on maguro and katsuo (my favorite) and home I went for some R&R and hitting the hay at 8:30.

This morning I woke up at 4, decided that wasn't too bad considering how early I went to bed, and anyways it would give me a good start on the day. And it did. After cooling out a bit I was showered and dressed by 6:30 when I went down to get a cable for the puter's internet connection, did some 'mail then back down for the House Breakfast at the "Coffee House" in the lobby. Good stuff.

After letting the ol' breakfast settle, I headed to the post office for some cash, the Imperial Garden to while away the time until stores opened, to the station to get my shinkansen ticket for tomorrow, Yaesu Book Center for my JLPT application (Melissa, I got yours too, dawg) and to Hakuhinkan Toy Park where they didn't have any Bleach stuff.That brought me up to 12pm, when I decided it was time to head back to the hotel based on the fact that the Sweat U on the back of my shorts had widened to an embarrassing size.

After a cold shower, some cold water and a snack, I am now updating you folks and waiting for my clothes to dry out a bit before heading out for some lunch and to try my luck at the Mandarake Nakano store where I hope to find a plethora of Bleach goods. Wish me luck. Updates and flickr tonight. Posted by Picasa


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