Sunday, September 10

Friday's Children

She was a child once, she'll always be someone's child, and maybe somewhere inside she still feels like a child.

The kids at my tiny mountain school had taiko practice on Friday afternoon. For those of you who don't know... look here for an explanation. It's really pretty awesome, and in a couple weeks the kids will be playing at a festival here in town. I'm really looking forward to seeing them do their thang. Next month there will also be a taiko festival in their town (the tiny mountain town), which I am really looking forward to. If I had a fabulous video camera I would film away for you, but you may just have to make do with my little digital.

Getting Ready.

Patient bachi.

About to get down.

A teacher practicing on her flute.

I'll put a few more up on Flickr. For now, please enjoy these.


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