Wednesday, September 6

LES in Effect!

A-sensei from my LMS brought me these as part of my omiyage package from Taiwan (awesome konbini treats and a little purse. Kawaii) Does anyone else have a problem with the wrapper?

So, today I was at my LES for the first time since July, and I've been a little stressed about the lesson planning, as usual, but mostly because I wasn't sure what to do. I finally decided to scrap plans for new material, and just play games to review old stuff. Fantastic idea.

First period I took the 1-2nensei to the gym for some number and time review. The games went great, Mr. Fox told us the time, the kids had great fun, stickers were won by all, A+.

Third period were the 3-4nensei, where we pretty much played karuta. I had wanted to do more, but they were really into it, so on we pressed. English was used, they understood without realizing that they did ("Who's the winner in this group?" "How many?") and more stickers were won.

Swimming with their clothes on - from what I gathered it was survival training, as they were being taught that plastic bags can be turned into flotation devices.
With the beautiful mountains and rice paddies in the background.

After lunch we didn't go outside for hiruyasumi, so I joined the ichinensei and ninensei for some dance practice, presumably for their Sports Festival. So much for trying to cool down and dry off... but it was, in the words of I-kun, "heaps" of fun.

Fifth period were the 5-6nensei and fabulous times were had there. First we played Evolution where the kids use dialogue, play janken (rock, paper, scissors) and "evolve" from a cockroach, to a frog, then a snake, monkey, ALT and, if they beat me at janken, they become okami-sama, a god. It was great sport. The few who didn't make it to okami-sama and I had fun "bowing" on the floor, and then all the gods got stickers. Wheee! Then the kids were introduced to a Great American Classic: Jeopardy. It was a rocking good time, and went much better than I'd hoped.

I had lunch with the ichinensei, all 8 of them, and really enjoyed myself. In the small elementary schools the kids sit at their desks in a circle for lunch, and the teacher eats at his/her own desk off to the side. So I'm the huge adult wrapping her legs around the kiddy desk since they don't fit under it. Lunch was great - battered and fried pork tucked into a sandwich roll with "salad" and a sort of barbecue sauce. And semi-frozen clementine oranges for desert. Mmmm-mm!

Today, while cooler (it was supposed to be around 25), was HUMID. When I passed the mirror on the stairway after 5th period I realized that my shirt was up a little in the back, enough to expose the big, dark sweat-v on my pants. Doh! After getting my stuff together at the end of the day, I made the final decision to change into my shorts/T-shirt for some afterschool playtime. This was after I went double, standing up on the swing with one of the 6-nensei and tried unsuccessfully to ride a unicycle. Post-wardrobe change I joined some of the boys for a game that involved kicking the soccer ball and trying to get it to go out of your opponents' boxes.... I won't explain, it took me a while to get from watching, but I finally did and we all had fun. That's what I love about elementary - the kids really enjoy being with you and don't care if you suck. They thought it was cool that I chest-trapped the ball and could drop-kick it "far." They just have so much fun! And I did too!!!

Before leaving I offered S-sensei and K-sensei their special omiyage of T-shirts from Pavlov's Togs in Buffalo (very cool t-shirts). I was worried that it would be weird, but they were really pleased and seemed to really like them. For some reason, K-sensei even had a new card for me - a brand new design, too. My project tonight, after watching the new Bleach episode (that noise better be awesome if the title involves Byakuya. If they even let him lose to the stupid Bounto, I'm going to be heartily disappointed and really .... angry.), is to try to read what it says on it, with the assistance of my beautiful kanji dictionary.

Ah, and one more excellent thing about today is that I was invited to participate in the school's kabuki presentation - I'd get to get all got up in costume and everything. I hope it works out - I'm so excited! It would be October 22nd, so I'll get back to you on it!

Today's Rating: Super Excellent! The classes went great, the kids were awesome with me, good teacher-ALT relations were had, renewed love for my LES was fostered, and it's raining. Good Times.


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Abbey the snack wrapper looked perfectly innocent to me with standard doraemon characters nobi-kun, shizuka chan, and doraemon. I hesitate to ask what you are thinking....?

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