Tuesday, October 10


What's up B-lo!!!
(My shirt says "Buffalo, New York State", courtesy of Pavlov's Togs on Elmwood)

Ok, the pictures are up at Flickr. They're all public so Danger Strangers and Lazy Invites alike can see them no problem.

As for comments on the excursion, well, there's not much to tell. I rolled into Nagoya at around 11 am, First hit up Osu Kannon, a big temple in the city. Mmm... after having visited many temples and shrines it wasn't that fascinating - I took some pictures and headed into the shopping arcade that the internet had promised me would have souvenirs and Brazilian shops. I found a couple of the former and none of the latter. Boo. Unless you're there to shop for clothes or computer goods (like CD-R's, etc.), as I wasn't (Ok, I admit, I bought some cheap jewel cases) you're out of luck. There's stuff to eat, though - I saw dango and lots of takoyaki, among other things.

From there I was off to Nagoya Castle, where at least there was the promise of a museum and some souvenirs. There were both. Good Times were had. Also, Good Goheimochi was had on the way out. Good Times for the Tastebuds.

And then I went home. The day was beautiful, I finally went to Nagoya on my own and got a better feel for it. Accompanied of course by my new Nagoya map book, pocket-size and fa-ree thanks to the toshocard my employers sent me for my birthday (Thanks again!)

Well, sorry I don't have much to tell. Please see the pictures, there's lots of comments there.

Keep it on the down slope.


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