Friday, September 29

Art and Essays

First we have a rendering of Renji's zampaktou (Soul Slayer) by one of the 1nensei at my tiny mountain school. He had made it ahead of time and pulled it out of his wallet to give to me. Kawaii!!! I asked him to sign it for me, so he wrote his "pen name" on there. No one knows where it came from, but I was so pleased! It now resides under the plastic on my desk at school.

Next are some short essays by 3nensei's. The teacher asked me to check them over in pencil, and so I did. They had to decide whether they would prefer to live in the country or the city, and tell why. I thought these three were the most interesting and cute of the bunch. May I remind you that these students are the equivalent of American high school freshmen, and are in their third year of real language study.


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