Wednesday, October 4

Tryin' to Throw My Arms Around the World

Or at least this part of the world.

LMS' Kouchou-sensei's find - an eggplant with a nose. He even put it at the top of the stairs so all the kids could see it. Just before they headed home I added some eyes and lips and the kids thought it was hilarious. Kawaii! The little things.

Anyhoo, yes, today at GS all was not right with some of the 3nensei. First, before first period, I was out in the hallway cooling down from my bike ride in, and greeting the passing students. A tall "cool" 3 nensei came by, and when I said "Good Morning!" He actually replied, albeit quietly. I was pleased. However, he didn't get 10 steps past me before he was intercepted by a teacher who immediately escorted him by the arm to the teachers' room around the corner. It wasn't until a few minutes later that I realized there were drops of blood on the floor. It turned out he had put his hand through a window.

Later in the day I was on my way back to the teachers' room from lunch when I spotted another 3nensei out on an overhang near the teachers' room, just standing there, apparently waiting for someone to notice him. Which I did. The teachers easily got him to come back in, but I kept thinking about the two of them all day. What makes a kid so angry before the day even starts? I just want to bring them home and hug them for a couple weeks until they feel happier. Give them the positive attention that they're lacking so they won't seek out the negative.

I've noticed that the "bad" kids at school aren't "rabble rousers." They don't try to rally the class, but act out to draw attention to themselves. Not unlike Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club. And then there are the ones who don't act out, who are just quiet, and keep their heads down, trying to skate under the radar. Oh, the babies, the sad, sad babies. They all need a couple weeks of hugs.

And then there's the Peruvian kid who at first seemed to not want to talk to me. Now it seems he's "into" Bleach, but I think it's just an excuse to talk to me as he did during Goodbye Time. Bendito.

On a brigher note, lunch was sa-lammin' today: orange chicken, french-cut carrots and 2 slices of bread with chocolate spread for dessert. Knowing that I'm all about the chocolate, a couple girls gave me their packets of chocolate after lunch. Sa-weet. I'll be having that with yoghurt and bananas after dinner...

In the 3nensei classes today we studied something I've been studying in Japanese, so I was all excited that I could do it, practicing the translations along with the kids. In the second 3nensei class I pretended it was the first time, and got the cool, not-working, trying-to-draw-attention-to-himself-but-at-least-he-likes-me kid to "help" me and at least say the answer out loud.

After school I [ almost literally] ran into kids on the way home, on my bike that is, gambatta up the hill, almost to the shrine (my self-imposed goal for the minimum). Got home, threw on the shorts, etc. and out for a run in the delicious humidity of today. Unfortunately I was a little too tired from just having rode my bike home and having run yesterday, so it was a slow run, a little off my gait, but I did it. As usual saw a ton of kids, which is starting to lose its novelty, but they're still cute. At school now they tell me they saw me running. Visibility, people, just trying to work it to my advantage.

And that's that.


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