Saturday, October 7

Tenderloin. The Only Serious Choice

(On a man's T-shirt.)

Part of a list of classroom directions to be practiced with the 2nensei at Intense English School. Poor thing, the teacher is so cute, young, and really nice with me. I didn't have the heart to point out her mistake to her.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


(^o^)/ I just had a complete and utter, uncontrolable laugh-attack, right in the midst of shokuiinshitsu happy land. Perhaps a bit disturbing and confusing for teachers who appear to actually have work to do, but hey... What can I say? A good spot of Engrish gets me every time! Aye, that is does, laddy!

CAn I have some of that cake?

...The white cake...With the sweet frost (^_<)

12:03 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

Ah, ah, Pendleton?

5:32 PM


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