Saturday, October 14

Pizza and Karaoke

So, a couple weeks ago my LMS teachers had invited me to go out to dinner with them last night, which I did. It was supposed to be at a "pizza and pasta" restaurant, so I imagined a little Italian joint. Well, pizza (and delicious pizza) was served, but it was no Italian joint.

The room was a typical Japanese-style room for group parties - small, with tatami mats, a little raised area for I don't know what. The nice part about the room was, even though we were sitting on the floor, there was a pit under the table for your legs. Nice! And even better than that, the table was a kotatsu, a table with heaters underneath. Even though the heaters weren't on, the blanket covering was there, so we were all tucked under a common table blanket, all cozy-like.

Dinner was awesome, delicious pizza, first typical with tomato, cheese, basil and a piece of prosciutto. Then one with cheese (of course) and, among other things, pulpo (octopus). Also delicious. Chewy, but delicious. There were other things on the menu, a typical group dinner out, but I was excited about the pizza.

After dinner the night wasn't over yet. It was most definitely my fist time "bar-hopping" with my coworkers. Including the principal who was actually one of the sponsors of the decision to move on. We ended up at a bar one of the teachers frequents - an old-school karaoke bar.

Now, those of you who have had experience with the closed, private-room karaoke joints, this one was wide open, with only two microphones. Meaning you sang for everyone. At your own table, with your own TV, but it was blasted over the whole bar.

Here's the setting; Four sets of black, crushed-velvet sectionals around low tables, with one matching stool for the hostess of course. And by hostess I mean the girl who could potentially serve you and chat with you as well. Which they did. The walls were a delicious gold/brown crushed velvet as well. The owner/manager of the place: a middle-aged woman who looked like she never stopped living in 1986. She was totally excellent and funny to boot. I especially liked her because she was the second person in less than a month to say I have big boobs. Take that, Eddie Cunningham! Boo-yeah! Of course, beauty - and size, apparently - are in the eye of the beholder, and perhaps to the average Japanese person I am rather buxom. Yeah. Of course this discussion was had in front of three members of the male faculty. Not particularly comfortable.

Aaanyway, moving on from my busom, some songs were sung - not by me - some drinks were had - I had uron tea - some ladies were chatted with, the night was enjoyed and home we went.


Anonymous Robin said...

I had a similar "big boobs" moment. While proper towel holding onsen etiquette was being demonstrated, the presenter singled me out as someone (jokingly), who would require more than the one towel alotted to cover both my apparently giant breasts and my nether regions... I turned a deep shade of crimson as many of the males in the group averted their eyes.

9:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha....I have these moments all the time...Except they usually take place at the ghetto school, thanks to the magnificent un-hazukashii-ness of the students. Why, just last week at lunch, I looked up at young Mr. Blue Mountain who was sitting across from me and had been relentlessly asking me if I had a boyfriend during class and lunch, looked right at me and said "Yappari Oyama dekai ne!" If only, Blue mountain. If only...

11:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha, little Eddie Cunningham. Beware, one time I mentioned Rick Kleinsmith, I found that someone had googled him and found my blog. Then more people from all over the US visited that entry that day. I hope Rick didn't see it.

Actually, I don't give a damn.

5:16 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

Me either. He caused me enough grief from 5th to 8th grade that I think he can handle having his name mentioned rather benignly in my blog.
Oh, and I googled his name, but I'm pretty sure he's not that country singer from American Idol, chair of Universal Pictures UK or the 65 year old man I found somewhere else. My blog didn't even show up.

My word verification is fidfuzy!

7:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

HEheheheeh Fidfuzy! Are the bloody cocks still running the coop?

8:43 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

Ah, to be sure.

5:31 PM


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