Wednesday, September 27


Melissa, I see your Chinese Backstreet Boys and raise you a semi-naked Korean praise band.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ab, you so fraizy!

I hadn't thought about the obvious connection to Little House, thanks for pointing that one out to me.

Now, if I could just get more cowbell I'd be wearing gold diapers.


10:22 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

It's funny that this video was funny. Of all the SNL imitation videos, I actually laughed with this one, mostly because I was thinking about the real sketch. And these guys are funny.

5:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Little man just got finished teaching the kids usedul English phrases like "sleepy to die", "hungry to die" and "happy to die"...

...I think if we really want these kids to have more meaningful, successful lives, what we need to teach them is how to play a cowbell...

11:55 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

Hey, at least you got to go to class today, you ingrate! Next time bring yer durn cowbell!

6:21 PM


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