Friday, September 22

Today in Review

Instead of a longwinded writeup, today's review will be a photojournal. Please enjoy LES.

The drive to school.

A fair little sports car.


Lunch cloth, lunch cloth bag and milk.
Mmmm, gyuunyuu.....

I usually don't put the kids in, but only a mother would recognize that face!

Today's lunch - including an Abbey's Kyuushoku Experience Debut: Harumaki (spring rolls).
Also included: Shouyu Ramen, banana (obviously), salad, green tea (for the teachers) and delicious milk.

Akagumi / Red Team

Moshi moshi...

"Slipping" on banana peels.

The drive home

How was it again that you wished you were me?

In front of a shop.

The setting sun.

If you're a friend or family, please see flickr for more kid pics!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moshi moshi... You are a silly, silly girl. For real, all the pictures you post of you acting goofy crack me up. This time my mouth was devoid of all food so my monitor stayed clean, but usually I have to scrape little bits of carrot off my screen.

Keep up the good times.

P.S. This is Todd.

8:51 AM


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