Tuesday, December 19


While I was sitting innocently at my computer tonight, enjoying my dinner, we did get another tremor - the biggest one yet, this time - a big initial boom, followed by maybe 10 seconds of shaking. After I swallowed my heart back down, I jumped up to turn off the kerosene heater and stand in the doorway. Of course it wasn't really as strong as all that, but what do I know about earthquakes.

I was also lamenting that, once again, it happened at night, so I couldn't look out my window to see if the telephone poles were swaying. Woe is me.

Anyway, it was fun, in an adrenaline-rush kind of way, and also in a we-just-had-one-the-other- day-I-hope-this-isn't-a-prelude-to-anything kind of way.

Good Times.


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