Sunday, February 11

The Adventu

Sounds like some occult religious sect from a Dan Brown book.

Anyhoo, to commemorate our trip to Inuyama, Melissa and I of course found no better way to do so than with purikura. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but apparently Melissa's needed speech therapy. Sorry, poor Melissa was not feeling inspired or confident today, which lead to the decision to take a purikura hiatus.

So, please enjoy what may be the last purikura offerings for a while and let's send Melissa some happy, inspirational thoughts for future endeavors.

Gambatte, Meri-chan!

From the fount of Melissa's anti-antisocial gringo antics sprang the newly-coined phrase "air kancho," meaning "(n, v.t.) 1.)To make the motion of kanchoing an individual without penetration or other physical contact. 2.) The motion of kanchoing an individual in such a manner. "

And yes, that naughty elephant is about to get spanked.

Go, Ichi-kun! Bleach is back in effect and what better way to rejoice than to celebrate its excellent recent Opening.

I really can't say much about this one except to point out how much Melissa loves mayonaise.
And playing in garbage cans.
(My Crib, remember when we got dad new garbage cans for Father's Day?)


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