Wednesday, February 7

クリーニング ウォーク

Cleaning Work.

That's what we purportedly did yesterday after school at my LMS (I think it took a total of about 20 minutes). We got out early - 2:something, rolled over to the elementary school for some singing and taiko, then hooked up with the elementary kids to pick up some garbage.

The 4nensei class rolls out some taiko beats. Kawaii!!!!

We took the bus with the elementary kids, which was great sport. I sat next to a real character who asked me about English at the JHS:

Him: "Say, English Teacher, are there English tests?"
Me: "Oh yes, tons. Really hard ones. Everyday."
Him: "Everyday?! It sure sounds hard..."

And then he went on to talk about I'm not sure what, but he was Good Times.

Lucky me, I got to sit in the front, with the great view!

The bus dropped us off in groups at the kids' bus stops. Armed with plastic bags and gloves (some of us), we grabbed up as much litter as we could on the way to the kids' houses.

My group looking busy...

This was really great for me because I got to see parts of the kids' town that I had never seen before, and I got to see two of their homes (although not inside). Whilst I waited to get picked up by Yamada Limousine Service ;-) I hung out at Masaki-kun's house, held his cute little dog and kicked the soccer ball about. Hooray for quality one-on-one time with a great kid!

Masaki-kun shows me his house.

Rating: A+. Doing good for the community of the school that I love, hanging out with some awesome kids, enjoying the fantastic scenery and unseasonably warm weather, can't beat it.

Fire hydrant and ??? outside Masaki-kun's house.


Blogger Todd said...

I believe it was my older, wiser sister who told me that the white utility boxes near traffic lights (used during new light installations) were to house midgets who would control the lights. This would then imply that the red box next to the hydrant is for the midget who turns the water on and off.

You have been illuminated.

VW: wzrfyso: Why's are you fly, so. AKA Why are you so fly? It's funny you should mention this, oh verifier of words, on Shirt-and-Tie Thursday. While I can't answer the question of the origin of my flyness, I can say that everything you've heard is true. Damn I'm fly...

...for a white guy.

11:01 PM


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