Sunday, February 11

Kick-Ass Kitty

I have finally bitten the bullet and purchased my first Special Edition Kitty-chan.

Most tourist places you go you can find an appropriate Kitty-chan. Unfortunately, this particular one may or may not be relevant to Inuyama Castle. I bought it at the Castle Souvenir Shop, but they also had stuff for Hida, Matsumoto and other places. But anyway, this Kitty is serious about whatever it is she's doing. As soon as I get a new bag, she's going right on it.

Yokoso, Kitty-chan!


Blogger Melissa said...

That Kitty-chan rocks! She looks like she`s about to kick some seious @$$! Bankai, Kitty! BANKAI!

11:52 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

What do you think her bankai is called? Or her little zampaktou?

WV: oeqqh. What I sometimes think to myself when sitting down to kyuushoku (school lunch).

6:26 PM


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