Saturday, February 10

Google Me

Inspired by the O.C.'s interest (great, now I'll show up for "The O.C."...) in Google searches leading to blog discovery by unsuspecting web surfers, I decided to look into it for myself.

The results were, well, decide for yourself. I have selected only the most interesting.

Abbey Howell (what's more interesting than that?) googled by two individuals from Gillette, Wyoming and Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Random.

Underestimating sneakiness sire. What may have been a typo (Did you mean 'underestimating sneakiness sir'?) lead to the page where I discussed the sire of my friend Edgardo's unborn colt and my stealth in photographing children at the zoo... I just creeped my own self out.

armwrestling 12-year-old beat-me. Apparently I'm not the only one to get beaten by a 12-year-old at arm-wrestling.

bananalbum crack. Or in the words of Sean Connery, "ban anal bum crack."

"naked in front" japanese. While I know what it pertains to in my blog (being "naked in front" of my "japanese" teachers at the onsen), why someone would search that...

And there you have it. The Best Google Searches Leading to Hits on My Blog of February 2007.


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