Thursday, February 1

Adventures in Purikura

Yesterday while in Nakatsu on official business, Melissa and I slid into Apita to check out their purikura selection. Joseph, not to be left out, joined us of course.

As the Gateway to Purikura is often times guarded by a horde of loud and obnoxious highway robbers in the way of arcade, kiddie pachinko and "try to snatch a prize" machines, we first made a pit stop to enjoy some of the offerings.

Melpanman kickin' it Wessaeed Style.

Abpanman in a jam.

From there we easily found our way to the big flashy-curtained purikura machines of which there were two. Two sucky ones, that is.

To begin with, their offerings paled in comparison with Valor machine. Secondly, we had to wait an exorbitant amount of time before we could even get started. Well, long enough for the previous group to finish decorating theirs.
Theeen, our poses were wack, and when it came time to choose the poseS (one assumed) that we wanted, after selecting one they cut us off and we only got one pose.
Here is that pose.

The Double Imaged Super Kawaii Back-to-Back Fun Shot.
Sorry, I smilied out the message.

So now Melissa and I each have a crapload of the same image.

Rating: That was not my favorite s**t. No need to revisit.


Blogger Melissa said...

Sasuga....As expected with the macket, I look like a total OKAMA! Kowaii yo!


11:02 PM


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