Thursday, January 4

Goode God...

Okay, I don't really like to get political in here, primarily because I have no idea what I'm talking about. But when I headed to the Buffalo News online today to get the latest local scoop, I did end up reading this article about Keith Ellison being elected and swearing in on a Quran once owned by Thomas Jefferson. And I did see the reference to the comments made by one Virgil Goode (apparently pronounced like food and not good).

Wow. I first questioned our country when George W. was elected. Twice. (Visions of that red saddle on the country still cause me pain) But now, someone with opinions, nay, rationale like this are able to get elected. How is this possible? This really scares me about the people of our nation making decisions based on irrational reasons. Different opinions are cool and all, but this is about not thinking with your head. Sigh.


Editor's Note: My problem is with Goode, not Ellison.


Blogger Todd said...

Abber Dabber, I don't see your problem with it. Sure, it's bound to open up a slew of yahoos who want to swear in on some bullshit ass book (I'm not putting down teh Quran, I'm saying once you veer from the Bible people will use anything), but if the Bible doesn't mean anything to someone, what's the diff.

Plus, politicians are obviously not all that God-fearing since they're all crooks. Every last one.

WV: nxeukjhj - Wow, even I am not creative enough for this one.

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