Thursday, January 18

Poop, Fart

I dedicate this posting to all those who have chided me for slacking in the post department. Even those who went for over a month without posting, and those who have recently been posting pictures and stories from 4 months ago. No worries, mates, this post's for you.

Today's picture comes to you thanks to my pal, Melissa, who has delivered me into the world of Colon Cleansing. Last night I opened the package for the first time, only to be greeted by this attractive label. Mmm. Nothin' says "Good Morning" like a bellyful of fiber and an eyeful of intestinal tract.

Anyhoo, that's all I got. I'll keep you folks up-to-date on what comes to pass in this adventure, any resulting movements and how it all comes out in the end.

Good Day, Mr. Dung Pile.


Blogger Melissa said...

"...and those who have recently been posting pictures and stories from 4 months ago..."

Ouch! Is that any way to treat the person who opened your eyes to the wonderful world of colon cleansing?

8:33 PM

Blogger Melissa said...

Oh, and Sheriff...I think I need to have a movement.

8:37 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

I got two lots o' news for ya...

9:21 PM

Anonymous Alissa said...

Young guns 2, I love it!!!!!!!!
I got a buck shot infection in my right arm....

10:02 PM

Blogger Todd said...

It's about time you posted something. For the record, I read an article about colon cleansing a few years back and they claimed to have pooed out change, marbles, rubber bands, etc. Good luck.

WV: lgyyepv - Large Yuppy V(ehicle)

She had to get her kids to the soccer game somehow, so Madeline bought a lgyyepv.

1:09 AM

Anonymous alissa said...

oops! in my ELBOW

1:15 AM

Blogger Todd said...

Alissa, I was so tempted to correct you. I'm glad you fixed it yourself. The quote should now read "I've got a buckshot infection in my elbow, makes my right arm kinda 'wooooaaahhhh'."

1:29 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

I'm glad it was the post with the Poop, Fart title that brought in all the comments. Nice, people.

6:21 AM

Blogger Melissa said...


A colon cleanse?!?

I'd rather drink turpentine and piss on a brushfire.

I ain't touchin this one.

10:50 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

As you can see, the YGII phenomenon knows no boundaries!

5:17 PM


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