Wednesday, June 27

Que susto!

A terrible picture of a beautiful view.

Yesterday I had a few surprises.

1. One of my teachers at my GCS was absent yesterday, and the other was too rushed to fit me into his classes, so I had none. Instead, I studied Japanese all morning. I got a lot accomplished, actually...

2. Just when I thought the kids should be in 4th period, I realize they're doing souji. Huh? Souji's not until after 5th period (which is after lunch) at that school. Upon questioning the kids, they said they're going home early. Huh. After questioning the teacher, I found that there was a demonstration class at another school that I should attend.

3. Got to the school, half an hour away from my 20-minute away school, and who did I find but last year's LMS substitute now going by another last name. And still as wacky as ever.

4. On the way home from the school I was just pulling into the left lane (the slow lane) after passing a gentleman on a hill, when I notice a black contraption in the undergrowth on the side of the road. It was connected to the end of the arm of a police officer who was hiding in the brush, checking speed. Thank goodness that in passing, on a hill, I only made it up to about 65 (in a 50) and was back down to 60 by the time I saw the officer. A short ways after, there were two other officers on the side of the road. Just as I was approaching, one of them, holding a big "stop" flag starts running into the road. My heart skipped a beat and I started to slow, thinking they were waving me down. But, oh happy day, they were waiting for another fellow who had also passed the gentleman I passed. The man with the flag actually ran out into the road - dodging me and the guy I passed - then jumped in front of the stoppee, who of course stopped. Yikes!

5. My last surprise of the night was a mukade in the bathtub. Down the drain he went. But you can be sure I kept and eye out after that, as you never know if it really went down... It did.


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