Tuesday, June 19

Some People Have Snakes in Their Barn...

Other people have cats.
I have giant House Centipedes to eat all the vermin.

With the fridge for scale. Note that the fridge comes up to my chest. Also, please ignore the piles of recyclables waiting to go out. Rest assured that they're still there.

With your Common Kitchen Spatula for scale.

And all by his or her lonesome, so you might appreciate it in detail.

I have been assured by the locals that these critters are not indeed poisonous. I kind of thought that might be the case, so I let this guy go on the condition that he not come out while I'm around. So far he's held his end of the bargain.


Blogger Melissa said...

Wow. what was that thing? It ain`t no garden variety centipede, that`s fo` sho`. It does help prove my theory that the more legs an organism has, the more kimoi it is.


9:58 AM


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