Tuesday, July 10

Joseph's Japanese Adventures: Kyoto Edition

Joseph, that Jetsetting Man About Town, had a smashing time on his recent trip to Kyoto with me and Melissa. Here is his photo journey.

After riding in my pocket for a while, Joseph stretches out in front of Ninomaru Palace at Nijojo (castle).

Joseph reads up on the sights of Kyoto in preparation for tomorrow.

Joseph sure can't get enough of those geisha.
Too bad he was too shy to make an appearance in Gion.

After a long day of walking about, Joseph crashes on the futon.
That's a lot of walking for a man with no legs.

Once his power nap is over, Joseph's back up and on the phone.
Who knows who that guy knows.

When in Rome, as Joseph likes to say. Here he gets his texting on.

Our place of residence for the night was Uno House, a Mom 'n Pop establishment we came to be at after some technical difficulties in reserving a room elsewhere. Just one in a line of mishaps. But things happen for a reason, and it was all good.
Here Joseph shows off the sheets that gave us fodder for many a chuckle.

Joseph and I pose on a bridge near the restaurants on stilts.
Well, their outdoor seating areas are on stilts anyway.

Since places don't open until around 10, we had to wander about before breakfast.
All that wandering in the Kyoto mugginess got Joseph thirsty.

Sleeping on a hard futon was rough on me too, Joseph. Pull yourself together, man.

Joseph proudly shows off his ticket to Kiyomizu Temple.

This may be sacrilegious, but Joseph tries his hands at purification before entering the temple.

Joseph and Melissa seal the deal at Jishojinja.

Good Times were had, but finally it was time to go home.
Here, Joseph and I pose in front of a shinkansen train.

On the leg from Nagoya, Joseph gets into the black sesame Yatsuhashi.


Blogger Melissa said...

This post is like the timer of my chuckle oven going off to remind me... I got chuckles in my oven! Yes, the sheets were fertile chuckle fodder, but Joseph's little photo sessions are what gave my abs their best workout in the past three years. (^-^) Tanoshikatta yo! Tokyo Tanoshimi ne!

By the way, all those pictures with you in them... WHO is taking those? What a fabulous photographer!

The Okinawa issue is going to print tomorrow \(^o^)/ Yay!

10:54 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

You needs to make with a complimentary copy!

But seriously, YOU'RE AWESOME!

6:07 AM


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