Saturday, July 7


6th Year: For no one at school to have any mishaps, and for it to be a healthy school.
For everyone at school to be able work well together at whatever the task.

Today is Tanabata, the day two stars, Orihime and her lover/husband Hikoboshi, who were separated in the heavens by the Milky Way, are allowed to meet.

As part of the tradition, across Japan people write wishes on strips of paper and tie them to bamboo branches. Here are some from my elementary school, just to give you an idea of what Japanese school children wish for.

3rd Year: To be able to do the crawl during swim class.

3rd Year: To be able to get 100 points on a test.

3rd Year: To get good at throwing one-handed during dodgeball.

3rd Year: To be able to make many friends.
To have a stag beetle or butomushi (some other kind of bug) at his house.

3rd Year: To become good at piano.

6th Year: To be able to strive hard until the end on whatever she does. And to be able to get a lot of 100-point scores on "Today's Sun." (daily quiz?)


Anonymous robin said...

You should invite the little lizard guy to move in so that he can do battle with the mukade!

9:07 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

Girl, I'm afraid it wouldn't end well for the lizard.

Maybe he could handle an April mukade, but not a July mukade...

11:26 AM

Anonymous robin said...

You don't mean they get bigger, do you??? Ah, my nightmares will continue.

And little ole me, who lives in Tokyo's 23, with nary a bug to see. (Probably just jinxed it though...)

11:29 PM


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