Sunday, August 5

Joseph's Japanese Adventures: Tokyo Edition

On the shinkansen. Incidentally, it was Todd's first ride.

Joseph, your favorite Man About Japan, finally made his way up to Tokyo last weekend. Since my brother Todd was visiting for the week, and Melissa had really only been there for conferences, and I love a good visit to Tokyo, we hopped on the shinkansen and zipped up to Japan's city of lights.

Here is his story.

Due to Joseph's warped definition of "jetlag," he didn't show his face all the first day until we got to the hostel (Aizuya Inn in Asakusa, a little off the beaten path, but a great place).
Here, he and Melissa crash after a day in the Tokyo heat.

Joseph, col' mackin' at the 'Inn.

Day Two took us to Harajuku and Takeshita Dori.
Gothic Lolita really isn't Joseph's style, so he stayed hidden until we got to Starbucks.

After waiting out the rain at Starbucks, we headed to Omotesando Dori where Joseph did a little shopping at KiddyLand.
Joseph looks like he's really "Peeling Out!"

Ever modest, Joseph tries on this one-piece skirted bathing suit.
I think red's his color.

Otaku Joseph tries on a pair of Naruto boots.
No, Joseph, we can't buy them.

Where's Joseph?
After trying on Naruto's boots, Joseph thinks he's one of the gang.
Mieru yo.

Joseph and Todd found a neat shoe store.

Joseph's Golden Turd
He couldn't hold it until we got to Sunday's hostel.
Can't say as I blame him, the place was an Apostro-Hole.
(Apostro- Copyright 2007, Old Coot Productions)

Joseph flaunts what his momma gave him at Sensoji in Asakusa.

We almost lost Joseph to this cute little Japanese girl. I think she thought I was giving him to her when I had her wear him for the picture her mom was taking. Her mom had to remove him from her hand.
Yea! I got "interviewed" by an elementary school student!

Joseph finds Buddha.

At Roppongi Station after lunch.

Our last stop of the trip was Shibuya.
Of course we also stopped for Starbucks so we could look down on the street and have one last chai.
Here, Joseph poses on the second floor, overlooking Shibuya Crossing.

The Tuesday after getting back from Tokyo, we went out for one last kaitenzushi with Melissa.
Joseph shows off the ika offerings.
Could you hook me up with some ginger, Joseph?

Here he serves up some genmaicha.
Don't forget to swish, Joseph.

All that swishing really tires Joseph out.
Ganbatte kudasai!

Here he gets into Melissa's unagi.
Mmmm, unagi....
Nice technique, Joseph!

Joseph shows his favorite place to get sushi: Ye Olde Joye Marte / Unye.

Special Thanks to Todd and Melissa for some of their pictures and "Wicked Good" Times!


Blogger Melissa said...

懐かしいなぁ。。。楽しかったね!一緒に行かせてくれてありがとう!すごくいい思い出になりましたよ! またはChuckle in my oven になりました!

寂しいよ! もう二日間寝てしまった!また家からでっていない!危ないよ。。。

愛美ちゃんのお兄さんのBLOG ADDRESSって何だたけ?忘れちゃった。

If I'm ever awake at a decent hour, te llamo!

2:39 PM

Blogger Melissa said...

Oh, and thank ya kindly for cutting me bum out of ye old POD pic.

2:42 AM


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