Sunday, November 11

Boot ッ!

Last night we just went to Nagoya to get some Indian food... but on the way back to the train, we came across these playful bears in a Christmas light display at the station. Little did they know what abuse they were in for.


...aaaaand BOOT!
(Melissa's lighter, so she flies higher.)

Note the amused sightseers. It's always nice to bring joy into people's lives.

Thousand Years of Pain

This is what Japanese teenagers mean when they say "Playing".
On a side note, where is this snow of which they speak...?
Besides the big snowball they apparently conjured out of grass...

Thanks to Melissa for the pictures!
I couldn't have done it without you, girl!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow AbbEy..You look great! How did you hair get so strait? Who dun did your eyebrows so nicely? Su cara tiene un aspecto verdaderamente romantico. (I'm learning)

8:43 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

Thanks, man...pero quien eres...?

7:57 PM


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