Thursday, September 6

Melissa と Purikura: A Homage

My all-time favorite.
(Except for Hero/Saru)
Taken in Tokyo, in Shibuya... or Harajuku...

As I was cleaning these pictures off of my keitai (cell phone), I decided that a commemoration of the past year and a half's purikura sessions was in order, mainly because my partner-in-puri-crime, Melissa, has parted for greener, more American pastures.

The puri's are in no particular order, which is kind of fun. It's only a sampling, not even close to the total amount of puri that I have amassed over the last 16 months.
Anyway, enjoy.

Part of the Last Puri series.

Part of the "D*#@k in a Box" series

Bleach Represent

Look at Joseph's jugs!

Those are two hardcore bitches right there. West Saeeed Represent!

Another of my favorites. Dedicated to my Sunshine, Hiroshige.

For realsies.

For Melissa's birthday. Not Valentine's Day, as one might be lead to believe.

Ok, so they got our names backwards...
And it's really a thank you to Melissa, who was leaving her GS babies.

With Aya-sensei.
Our motto.

One of our last puri sessions.
With some GS girls.

Oh to be a Japanese school child...

Another favorite, from a lame attempt at a DIAB series.
Taken in Kyoto.

With GS girls, one of our last sessions.

With Todd in Tokyo.

With Todd, back at Valor.

Oh, Aya-sensei and your many funny faces...

A ka O?


Blogger Melissa said...

Ah, the memories! Tsun-tsun, box envy, intricate high fives... Those were the days! I must say our puri skills increased exponentially during our short stint as puri-culture ambassadors.

The Shit is the shit and Saru/Hero was a classic, but I must admit I'm partial to the nose-picking pose of the latter puri-era.

11:08 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

Wait, the one with the GS girls?

WV: htnvr: "Hate never."
Or "Hatin' ever."

7:06 PM


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