Monday, September 17

The Rice Comes Down... And Goes Up

Where Todd once petted the rice.

It's rice harvest time in Gifu, ending the main agricultural cycle 'round these parts. From April to September, one can mark the passing of the seasons based on the stage of rice cultivation: from the still mirrors of the freshly-filled paddies, to the neat rows of tiny bundles of young stalks, to the bright spring green of the filled-in plants, to the mature yellow that contrasts so beautifully with the greens and blues of the mountains and landscape.

Now the rice stalks are slowly coming down, little by little, and are being hung to dry before being shelled. Please enjoy the late season rice.

Rice drips from its stalks like slender bunches of grapes.

Be careful in the underpass.

Hanging rice

Minoji no Minori Matsuri
Coming soon!

(Melissa, it looks like your friends the Rangers will be there!)


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