Sunday, September 23


Typical festival fare: the mask stand.

I wasn't going to post twice today, in an attempt to ration my sparse postings, but while I'm here and free, I might as well.

Last night I had all intentions of going to the festival "downtown," but once I sat down after an afternoon at the river and several days of going-going-going, I lost all ganas. I was pooped.

Enjoying some eats in Valor parking lot.

So today I needed to get into town anyway, for water, vittles and other such things, so I took the opportunity to pop by the Minori no Minoji Matsuri, a festival celebrating the mushroom and other fall stuff. Even though it's not really fall yet...

Dancing in the parking lot.

The Ena Rangers take the festival by storm.

The festival is best epitomized by the three fellows in Yellow, Red and Green. No, not the Power Rangers, the Ena Rangers. Each represents an aspect of autumn in Japan: Yellow for the kuri, or chestnut, red for momiji, or red maple leaf, and green for the matsutake mushroom.

"Kuriiero" and "Momijireddo"

Let's take a look at the above picture, for a second...

First, I'm having a little trouble with the Mango skirt. Then there's the kuri popping out of it...
and then the arrows pointing southward on both uniforms. And to top it off, the inappropriately-dressed elementary school girl in the background. Finally, the Rangers weren't exactly in top evil-fighting mode, sauntering ho-humly about the lot.

Yakisoba and Castella
Two favorites.

A 200-meter grill for preparing matsutake or other delectible delights.

My Castella bag. Oh, Japan.

Doraemon Castella

See you next to festival!


Blogger Melissa said...

Hehehe...Last year Iwamura Joe was an Ena Ranger! (^0^)/

1:11 AM

Blogger Melissa said...

hey, who you tellin' to "make with the updates" !?

2:29 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

I mean about your life... but your blog could stand a couple too...

4:47 PM

Blogger Todd said...

A-HEM. October called, they want to know where the blog entries are.

11:55 PM


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