Wednesday, November 21

I Love Tokyo!


I see your Hana no Na, and I raise you a Tokyo Sanka!

Anata wa Tokyo ga suki desu ka?
Do you like Tokyo?

Bump of Chicken's new "B-Side" to "Hana no Na."
It's not the real video, and I usually don't like people's whatever they call those things that they make up for bands' music, but this one's cute.


Blogger Melissa said...

Awe~ That is cute! I feel all nostalgic for Tokyo...and we both know how much time I spent there! It really makes me feel like I need to spend more time there, ya know what I'm sprayin'? Whaddaya say? Next time I'm in Japan, ikkou!

Besides, I don't suppose Motoo-chan will be penning any praise for Kyoto anytime soon...

PS: I think you should make you're own tribute video with the pics from Todd's trip to Tokes \(^0^)/

3:27 PM


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