Saturday, May 24

Another Expensive Trip to Nagoya

Long story short, I couldn't get my computer fixed because it's gaijin, and once back at home, when I was a mere block from my car, my camera lens committed seppuku by ripping open my backpack and throwing itself out into the pouring rain, smashing down into the street and dashing itself into several irreparable pieces.

That said, here are some more cute JTI signs.

You may recall the anti-make-up signs from Tokyo. It doesn't stop there, folks. It's an all-out campaign.


The best part is how the cute English is actually an appropriate translation of what is written in Japanese. No Engrish about it!

That's rich!

They even have little route number signs.
I especially like how the smoke is knocking everyone over (please hear in your head a knocking sound effect produced by the tongue and the roof of the mouth).

On the way back, I caught a rapid (finally managed to avoid the Central Liner both ways!) and ended up sitting opposite this cute old couple. The lady was so cute, and we chatted the whole way home. What a cutie pie! And on top of that, I had an hour-long conversation in Japanese with someone I didn't know! Granted, she did most of the talking, but I understood most of it in spite of her formal speech, and I was able to get my point across when I did try to contribute. I'm awesome!

I love this country.


Blogger M.KATE said...

my goodness, what a complicated signboard. Both you and Melissa have my dream job!!!! I so want to go to Japan :)

11:21 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

I wish I could have a job like this at home too. I mean, then there wouldn't be little Japanese kids, but the work load is right up my alley.

8:39 AM


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