Wednesday, December 17

The Gnu's News

O-Shogatsu preparations
December 3rd

Well, there aren't any gnus around here, but if you don't get the reference, you probably weren't a child of the 80's... but you can click on the title to get enlightened.

Anyway, today's post is a collection of interesting (?) newspaper photos, as promised many shades of the moon ago. The theme this month is Christmas/New Year's Preparations.

Wednesday, December 3rd
? Shinbun

Kobe in Lights

More O-Shogatsu preparation.

Five Brownie Points if you can find what makes this interesting.

Sunday, December 7th? Monday December 8th?
? Shinbun

Has anyone seen Pushing Daisies?

My neighbors, bathing together.
For reals.

Saturday, December 6th
Gifu Shinbun

Arrows Against Evil
New Year's Hamaya

Old people can play Tug of War too.

How'd that get in there?

Last week, a famous children's book illustrator, Murakami Yasunari came to our school and gave special art classes for three days. I showed up and participated... and got to model for a few minutes. This is the result of Keitarou's 5 minutes of effort (they only got a few minutes to draw each model). With Murakami-sensei's intro of how I would model because foreign people's faces are different (true, and true), Keitarou of course, in his impish little way gave a running commentary on all the sharp nose features he was giving me. For my benefit, or course. Little...

Wednesday, December 10th
Chunichi Shinbun

The Year of the Cow is upon us.

It's like if the Fresh Prince got serious and sang enka.
Please check the link. If it isn't one of the strangest things you've seen, I'll give you your money back.

Thursday, December 11th
Gifu Shinbun

Kagami Mochi
Getting ready for the New Year

Wednesday, December 17th
Chunichi Shinbun

Seiya ni Ichigo Ichie
A play on the famous saying, this article covers the preparation of what must be I don't know how many strawberries for Christmas cakes.

Editor's Note: I really don't know why I didn't start doing this sooner. Just look at all the culture in a few weeks' time...


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