Monday, July 19

Costa Riiiiicaaaaa!

After 3 years in the Orient, and another with no money, I was finally able to get back to Costa Rica to visit my "family" (read:  host family) in Palmares.  Oh, what Good Times did ensue.  I've got a few posts on the subject, but be forewarned, there will be no pictures of ziplines, eco-treks, etc.  The most exciting images I can offer are a few pictures from the beach, as Costa Rica for me is a time to relax, be with my friends/family and enjoy the environment.

And speaking of the environment...

Looking out the front door.
How lovely to look out any window/door and see GREEN.

The first day I was there I didn't have much to do after my morning run, so I took advantage of a brief sunny interlude and took some pictures in the garden.
It kind of makes for a boring first post, but who are you to complain.



My host mom tackles some windows.
This picture makes the house look much more rustic than it actually is.  For example, the white roofing is actually clear, to allow natural light in.


Butterly and Bird of Paradise

After being in my closed-up, sealed-off house for so long, it was so luscious to go to bed to the sounds of the creek below the house, the insects all about and even the gallos de la madrugada (3am, like clockwork).  How delicious to have fresh air all day and all night.

El gato más chineado (consentido) del mundo.
*heart heart*


Blogger Karen said...

Eres fotografa! Que fotos tan bonitas.

3:06 AM


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