Monday, July 19

CR: Part Dos: Vamos a Guanacaste

This next series of photos is even worse than the first, as, with the exception of one, they were all taken out the window of the car as we sometimes sped, sometimes crawled along toward the beaches of Guanacaste.

A view you don't get in Palmares.

I've been trying to figure out the extent of the usage of el voseo in Costa Rica.  I was first told that vos was used in San José, while usted is used in las provincias.  However, it doesn't seem to be that cut and dry.  In any case, vos appears to be the dominant form in signs and advertising.  To be sure, is not widely used in Costa Rica.

Typical roadside bar/restaurant.

Inspiration for the name of the region, and the national tree of Costa Rica.  They also provide excellent shade for cattle.


Bienvenido a Filadelfia

As Guanacaste is relatively flat and expansive, cattle ranching has historically been the main source of income in the province.  Of course, where there is cattle, there are horses with which to herd them. 

Next Up:  La Playa!


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I have always enjoyed your blogs...turns out, the job is transferring me to Reynosa. You spent some time Mex..can we chat/e-mail please?

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