Wednesday, September 20

Welcome to the Misoji Club!

Yes folks, I have gracefully entered my 30's as of this afternoon.

Today was a beautiful end-of-summer day, blue skies, low humidity, and the air was clear enough to see Ontake-san, pictured above under the tip of the dreidel (sp?). Sorry, but I didn't have an arrow in PhotoImpression. Please disregard the giant zit on my forehead.

I rode The Fearful Hate (A1's pirate ship name) to school today, a beautiful, cool-air morning, and had a delicious ride home, it was such a gorgeous afternoon, I wish it could have lasted for several more hours.

School was great today, except for one crazy 1nensei class. Some people remembered my birthday, one class sang for me and another student, and another class did their dance for me which was really cool. Of course I danced along, with my own moves, and it was all Good Times. I also gave away the first of the Bleach stickers and they were very well received. Nice!

The highlight of the day was that I got to go out to dinner with my long-lost friend Melissa who I haven't seen or spoken with since before I went home. We had a fabulous izakaya dinner, laughed, didn't cry but laughed about crying, etc. etc.

A big thank you to all the people who wished me a happy birthday today, it really means a lot to me. I may be 30 now, but for many things I'm still a little kid, and birthdays are one of those things.

Happy Birthday to all, and to all a Good Night!

Another zoomed shot of Ontake-san. It's the cone in the middle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:01 PM

Anonymous Robin said...

Welcome to the club and many happy returns!

8:23 PM

Blogger nelson said...

tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu

2:27 PM


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