Tuesday, September 19

Hell on Wheels

That's me, man. A friggin' Cycle Demon. Tearin' up the streets o' this town. Oh yeah, baby.

Yes, after I brushed off the dust and dead spiders, the A1 took me for a couple rides today, I figured out a REALLY short cut to GES, where I'll be tomorrow. Takes all of about 5 minutes on the bike, the safe back way that won't involve "heavily" trafficked streets (read: two-lane). I figured that out while on one of my runs - I saw one the GES kids coming from a little side street, so my guess was that there was another route there. I guessed right.

From there I headed downtown - decided that it won't be so bad taking the A1 down the "main road" to GS, hopefully that will still be the case in "rush hour" next week.

I had to head to the Water Department as the bills were still coming addressed to the previous tenants. As they had assured me they had settled all bills before leaving, I ignored the mailings, thinking perhaps they were junk mail. Until out of curiosity, and seeing that it was from the Water Department, I opened one and realized it was a bill. Further investigation by my company revealed that the name had never been changed and I did indeed owe 4 months of water bills. It wasn't that bad though, and it only cost me a quick trip to the office where I was attended by a little cutie pie, which made the whole ride worth it!

I was able to make it back up the hill - sort of - from downtown, with only a little walking, and one break at the shrine. I figure a few more trips to beef up the ol' quads and I'll be set.

After a little break at home I headed out again for another jaunt, this time running into a couple GES kids on their way home from school. The one kid was delighted to find that I did indeed live where he thought I did. It turns out his house is right across the way - you can even see it plainly in some of my pictures. Of course I didn't think until later to ask his name. Now I have to remember his face tomorrow and ask him then. It's so hard to remember who to remember when there are so many of them! The kid I talked with about Bleach, the kid whose birthday is also tomorrow, my neighbor, etc.

At any rate, my bike has been worth all the kids I run into while on it. I just busted it out for the first time in a couple weeks today, but I was so happy to be on it. I'm getting more comfortable and confident riding, and my legs are getting a little stronger for tackling all those hills. I'm looking forward to these slightly cooler months when I can ride it to school more often - that is when I'm at GS or GES - or even LES - and don't have to carry a bunch of stuff.

Anyhoo, that's all for now. Just enjoying my last day of my 20's. Sweet 20's. You were good to me. Here's hoping my 30's treat me even better!


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