Monday, September 18


After the taiikusai, we teachers rushed home to shower and change and headed out to dinner and drinking (for some). The Good Times were enhanced by the "taiikusai" we had right there at the restaurant. I participated in (and won, thank you very much, boo ya, Y-sensei!) the "put your forehead down to the cardboard tube, spin five times then try to run and grab a plastic bottle." I did crash into the wall, but it was just a defensive move to block Y-sensei, I swear. We also did several other fun race games, and had a grand time.

The teachers from GS were also there, albeit in a much larger room. They were trashed, so when I popped in on my way to the bathroom I got a cheer and a couple handshakes from people who generally don't talk to me. Good Times. At the end of the night I got called "Heavy Drinker" by GS's Kouchou-sensei. You may recall that LMS Kouchou-sensei called me the same thing, and at the time of both I had never drunk with either of them. I'll admit I did imbibe of the beer on Saturday, but it was a FAR bit shy of "heavy".

Aanyhoo, that was that. Yesterday I went to play soccer, in a foul mood once more. There wasn't a big showing yesterday in spite of the impending tournament which I don't believe I'll be going to... no comment on the reasons. Everybody bailed at around 4:15 or so, so I stayed by myself to play with the Brazilians who were most kind in allowing me to join them and including me in play. Whenever I had the ball and someone approached me, I would hear "Respeta!" meaning that they should not challenge me too agressively. At first I wanted to tell them to respect me by challenging me, but at the same time I appreciated their consideration, and in the end, I probably do need those training wheels for learning to roll with the big boys. Numerous times I heard "A menina!" or "a nina!", them telling each other to pass to me. So, to Os Meninos, I am A Menina. Cool.

In other news, Typhoon 13 has bypassed my neck of the woods, wreaking havoc in Kyushu with fatal flash floods on Friday. Today is humid and windy after some morning rain. That's the weather report for this morning. Keep it Real, Homies.


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