Sunday, September 10

Not Off the Deep End Yet

(How do you go off the deep end?)

Well, before any of you out there think I've become stuck in some quagmire of funky funkiness, I had a fabulous day today. Well, yesterday afternoon went well, and that continued into today.

I got up early, did three loads of laundry, cleaned like I should, watched the last of the good Bleach episodes (up to episode 62 or so), blogged a bit and headed out to soccer.

I won't give you the play-by-play on how today's soccer went, but hear these things:
1.) It poured as we were just getting warmed up. All the boys jumped in cars, and we girls stuck it out, getting deliciously soaked.
2.) There were some new folks there, who seem pretty cool.
3.) After the boys played against the Brazilians and several people packed it in, the rest of us played with the Brazilians and had a grand time. Well, I did anyway. I felt especially good because they all included me in the game, putting faith in me to make plays, even when I screwed up sometimes. But I guess everybody screws up sometimes. I did have some good plays that I think surprised them, so that made me feel pret-ty darn good.

I really miss my Latin peeps. Japan is cool and all, but they're not the same here. Obviously. I got called "Amore" on more than one occasion, which is what Latin dudes are all about. Nothing creepy, just appreciating women. Can you believe that since I've been here, I've actually had moments where I expected catcalls and missed them when I realized they would never come? Never thought I'd think that! And these guys had fun, just joking and making fun of each other the whole time. Another thing Latins are about. They're so light-hearted, and they enjoy each other and have fun ways of expressing that.

Anyway, I have to start thinking about what the heck I'm going to do with the elementary kids tomorrow... if I can get out of bed. My back is ba-roke! And my legs and my feet and my hips... But I'll tell you what, on the field I felt like I could have played all evening. It felt so good! And I'm so glad I went. This was just what the doctor ordered for my cranky funk. Soccer and Brazilians. Yossshhh!


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