Monday, November 13


That's what comes flying out of my mouth when I'm so cold and get all tensed up and annoyed that I'm cold.

There is some serious frost outside this morning, and the only room in the house that had "heat" all night was my bedroom. Which I only use for sleeping. Not changing or hanging out. Which means that I have to immediately transfer my wimpy electric heater to the other room as soon as I get up so that it can make its vain attempt to have that room warm for me by the time I get out of the shower (fat chance).

I was trying to see if I could wait until December before busting out the touyu heaters, but that may be happening as early as... tonight. Man, it's cold.

Now the dilemma: what to wear to elementary school? Bundle up and risk sweating? Ah, layers is the rub.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear your %&^$$#^&(*&*(@#$@$%@!!! and raise you a %&"#!('))&#"#"%%'&%!"(%$|+@>.<)


8:54 AM


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