Thursday, November 16

Touyu in Da House

My view of Ontakesan on Monday morning.

The weather was crisp and clear on Monday, and Ontakesan was the clearest yet, and now covered in snow!! As my wise supervisor pointed out to me a couple weeks ago, I'll be able to see the snow heading down to me from there. Not cool. But it is beautiful.

On the way home from school that day I decided to take the shortcut home, and I'm glad I did, otherwise I would have missed this view of the Japanese Alps (?).

And the afternoon version of Ontakesan, basking in the setting red sun.

This was a great week for mountains and setting suns - yesterday's drive back from Yamaoka was awesome. The distant mountains, with their red-leaved trees, were brilliant in the late-afternoon sunlight.

And speaking of shorter days and colder air, today I finally bit the bullet and whipped out the touyu heaters. I won't knock my little electric heater, but it's just not giving me what I need anymore. It's good for taking the edge off my room overnight, but as for keeping me happy while I sit here typing for you folks, not working out. As much as I hate dealing with the kerosene, the heat is aaaaall-right.

And that's all for today. Tomorrow is Friday, and I'm supposed to get out of school early - another demonstration class, followed by a meeting that it would be senseless for me to attend. Saweet!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Ontakesan was so beautiful today! Its the first thing I see when I step out of my apartment, fully prepared to curse the cold in a long line of explitives...but when I see Ontake covered in snow, framed on all sides by brilliant red leaves at the Enakyo Service Area and the southern alps....We are truly blessed.

I`m really going to miss the mountains!

By the dub (as you would say) Check it out! Vote early and often ! (^_<)

Yay! My word verification is mddog! REPRESENT! (^-^)v

10:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ab, I see it's now time for me to compete with your fancy Japanese mountainscape. I'll need to bring the ol' Powershot out on runs with me or make special trips to take pictures, but dammit I'm gonna show off my local topography.


6:23 AM


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