Friday, December 22

Christmas Cheer

Was to be had the other night over at the Valor purikura area. With Christmas props galore, including two "disco" Santa hats and snowmen aplenty, we hooked it up Amerika style.

So, my last full week before break has come to an end and I'm bushed. As a special treat this week there were no disgusting lunches! And yesterday's included nothing from the sea! Today at GS I had delicious ramen, with a hint of spiciness, and dumplings for the second time this week, no complaints there.

Yesterday I was way out at FAS, but as my Kyoto-sensei is most generous, I was able to leave early and get a run in before my Japanese lesson. It was the first time in a month that I dared to run, since the whole swollen foot business. It's still swollen, but at least it didn't get much more swollen after running. I had a decent time, and felt great afterwards.

Today at GS I got the call from O-sensei of the BOE that my school for Monday has cancelled, so I am free as a jaybird (with no law and no barbed wire) on Christmas. I got a little emotional after that, as I've really been missing being with my family and being in the States for Thanksgiving and especially now for Christmas. I love the Christmas season, and our family Christmas traditions, and just being cozy and close with everyone on Christmas Day.

So, rumor (Yahoo) has it that it's supposed to be at least sunny tomorrow, albeit cold, so I'm up for letting some sunshine and fresh air into my house. I haven't opened the shutters in my room since maybe Monday or Tuesday, so that would be one of the first steps...

Anyhoo, you folks at home have a good weekend, and all the rest of you, well, you do the same.


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