Friday, December 29

雪 だ!

Well, we finally got our first snow here overnight. I'd take a picture, but my camera is being cranky due to the cold and is pretending to need new batteries. It's not that impressive - just a dusting, but I do like to keep things illustrated.

And of course the roads are a little icy, so, Todd and Mom, you'll be pleased to hear that I did slip on my way back from taking out the garbage, and wipe out right in front of one of my neighbors. One of those: "This uphill part is going to be tricky coming back down. I should be careful.....

..... Wupps!"

At least this time I didn't have a giant Red Mountain Dew and an apple empanada keeping my hands busy (see here and here).

In other news... well, there really isn't any. I've just been nursing this here cold, watching lots of anime to keep my brain lazy yet with constant Japanese input. Today I filled the touyu heater early as it's supposed to spend some time sub-freezing with highs only around 4 Celsius (39 F). At least it's bright and sunny (free heat).

On that note, a good day to you all. I said good day.


Blogger Melissa said...

So I made my way to a certain pagoda (^-^) Oh, and lest I forget to mention it....

ITs like 78 here SUCKA!

mata rai shu ne!

11:07 PM


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